79 GHz

I built two radios for 79 GHz since there are so few people to talk to, and since I have no test equipment for 79 GHz, it allows me to test functionality.

The first radio shown here was built into a case and antenna that I found at the local electronics swap meet.

79 GHz Radio #1

On the inside it looks like this:

79 GHz radio guts

The second radio was built into a custom case and uses a precision made Cassegrain type antenna from Japan.  This stunning antenna was made by a group of amateur radio operators.

Dish Feed for 79 GHz radio #2

Here’s the radio itself:

79 GHz Radio #2

Reactance Labs got its start with the PLL synthesizer that forms the basis of the LO in this radio. It all starts with a 2.5 Ghz synthesizer, goes into a times four multiplier and then into another times 4 before it goes into the mixer at nearly 40 GHz.

Local Oscillator circuitry for 79 GHz radio

The mixers in this radio are super simple anti-parallel diode pair mixers.  They are epoxied onto a hand-drawn and etched 5 mil duroid.  The housings were made on my milling machine.

79 GHz Mixers

A view of the upper half of the housings

Upper half of the 79 GHz mixers

These radios are just a start on 79 GHz.  I’ve used the second radio to make a couple 2km contacts.  More to come!


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  1. Can I use 79 GHz Radar for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for ground robots ? Mm-wave radar technology is used in to improve safety in blurry conditions such as dust, fog and darkness, where image-based driver assistance systems lack robustness. It also offers longer range, higher precision and invisible mounting capabilities compared to ultrasound sensors. How much is the development of 79 GHz Radar ? Best regards, Sergey, SMA PROGRESS,LLC (Russia), CEO

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