24 GHz Radio

24 GHz radio on tripod

My 24 GHz radio is based on an Endwave SDH module.  These modules became available on eBay in about 2007.  They were originally used in Europe in point-point microwave links.  With minor modifications they can be used as 24 GHz transceivers with excellent performance.

In addition to the SDH module, I machined a rotary waveguide switch which is actuated by a hobby servo controlled by an Arduino microcontroller.

24 GHz rotary waveguide switch

The waveguide switch machined using a combination of traditional vertical milling as well as wire electrical discharge machining (EDM).

24 GHz waveguide switch showing the rotating curved path

The final main RF components consist of a combination of a Reactance Labs OpenSynth 3000 PLL synthesizer and a TimesFour prototype board.  Together they generate a 12.024 GHz tone that is multiplied in the SDH unit for the LO.


OpenSynth PLL and TimesFour in lower right corner

An ovenized 10 MHz crystal and multiple switching voltage regulator unit comprise the rest of the electronics.

Inside the 24 GHz Radio

The antenna is a surplus MA/COM 12″ parabolic antenna.  The entire radio is mounted on my multi-band tripod along with the 47 and 79 GHz radios.

Multi-band tripod


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    i am from india and own a small company which researches in microwave backhaul systems.

    i am planning to shift from my current 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz frequencies to more better ones….

    can you please guide me on the same. would be really great if we can do something together.


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