10 GHz Radio

This is the second 10 GHz radio I have built.  The first one is still in operation and has been modified many times since it’s original configuration in 1995.

Operator’s view of the radio

This radio is built around a 2nd generation DB6NT transverter.  It has been modified to accept an external LO which is provided by a JWM Engineering PLL Synthesizer running at 5112 MHz.  The reference oscillator is an ovenized 10 MHz crystal.  Output power is increased to 1 watt via a solid state Fujitsu power amplifier.  The antenna switch is a WR-90 rotary waveguide type.  All components are sequenced with a JWM Engineering sequencer board.

Inside the 10 GHz Transverter

The case is made from 3/16″ aluminum plate and was custom made at a machine shop.  I then finished it off by rounding off the corners and powder coating it.  Powder coating has superior durability when compared to paint.  I chose white to reflect heat from the sun when used outdoors (which is where it will always be used).

10 GHz radio cabinet

Mounted to the back is the antenna, a 19 inch parabolic dish from Procom of Denmark.

The tripod is made by Quickset and is extremely sturdy, with the downside that it is very heavy!

10 Ghz Radio with tripod


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  1. Thanks for making this site. I am an engineer doing avionics but have not been into radio for years, now thinking about jumping back into real engineering via 10GHz as a start. So I’m getting ready to join the microwave community.

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