Tony KC6QHP at the Maker Faire 2012 – Photo by Wayne Yoshida KH6WZ

Reactance Labs was started by Tony Long KC6QHP to sell kits and products for builders of amateur radio microwave transceivers and other experimenters.  This blog will also feature additional information and projects, links to work others are doing, etc.

Tony has been interested in ham radio since the age of 12 when he dropped out of Boy Scouts to study for a ham license.  In high school he began working on a 10 GHz radio as part of a science fair project, helped by members of the San Diego Microwave Group.

After graduating from high school, Tony earned a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in RF from the University of California San Diego and the University of California Santa Barbara respectively.

Since then Tony has been employed in the  industry designing and developing microwave and millimeter wave circuits on both circuit boards and compound semiconductor MMICs from DC to 100 GHz.

Tony participates in the annual 10 Ghz and Up contest and is active on 10, 24, 47, and 79 GHz.

Listen to Tony on The Amp Hour podcast talk about the microwave radio hobby.