Radarduino Update!

It has been a long haul getting this kit ready.  The last year has presented some personal issues that have slowed progress to a halt.  I’m glad to report that things are no back on track and progress is being made.

I have 4 production ready PCBs that I’m going to populate and test over the next few weeks.  These will be used to develop and evaluate my factory acceptance test.  Since the kit will come with a partially assembled board, that portion needs to be tested on a specially built fixture.

Additionally, I’ve begun work on the user manual/assembly guide.  This document will contain all the information needed to build a RADARduino, technical information including schematics, and bill of materials.

Finally I’ll be experimenting with antennas and coming up with a solid design that will give good performance.

I’ll be updating this regularly, so stay tuned.  I’m also going to be announcing a crowdfunding campaign to launch the RADARduino!



4 thoughts on “Radarduino Update!

  1. Hi Tony,
    Glad to hear. Let me know if you need equipment or other help. I am doing this for the spirit of sharing knowledge and OJT.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Looking forward to this kit! Planning to get a couple for projects and crashspace stuff

  3. Hi,

    Found this while researching radar altimeters. Thanks a lot for this effort. Any updates on the status of your project?



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