First Customer Kit Builds Completed!

Dave, WA6CGR was the first customer to put together and test OpenSynth synthesizers.  He built up two units this past weekend and tested them out in his very well equipped lab.

First customer built OpenSynth

Dave comments

“This 2556 MHz synthesizer is the best microwave synthesizer I have ever built. If you ca solder surface mount components, then this project will be easy for you too! The construction time is about two hours and no intermediate testing is required unless you feel more comfortable doing so. Both units that I built worked immediately after applying power and reference signal. Also, both units provided +7 dBm power output and the spectrum was extremely clean. I am a very happy customer – Dave – WA6CGR”

2556 MHz output on spectrum analyzer

Dave is building a 10 GHz radio for his wife, and is using an OpenSynth in conjunction with a DB6NT transverter.

OpenSynth driving a DB6NT transverter

He measured the noise figure of the DB6NT unit with OpenSynth at 1.43 dB

Noise Figure of DB6NT transverter with OpenSynth Synthesizer

Thanks Dave for sending in these results and great pictures!